IP address is default gateway address for manufacturers which use it to enter in their device’s web-interface. You can use this IP to configure network, but be sure that it is original in its LAN.

Way of entering in router with IP address

  1. You should start your internet browser and write in browser’s URL bar. After that, press enter.
  2. Here should appears special window where you need type your identification information (login and passkey). If can’t get them, you can check your router’s label on backside of your device. If you can’t solve this problem by this method, it’s necessary to get on our web page with default passkeys list.
  3. When you enter in web-interface, you should select “Network”.
  4. There are a lot of methods of configuration your Internet network. Type login and passkey which were taken from your internet provide.
  5. DNS servers and are servers from Google.

List with default logins and passkeys

In this list you can find usernames and passwords for every router manufacturer:

Have some trouble with connection to

This IP is the LAN of a Wi-FI connection to the Internet. After device join network, the address will come in their transmission control protocol network gateway configurations. You can use special programs to search devices on the LAN which use IP address.

Typical troubles:

  • Incorrect address of and gateway of device. In this situation, your router uses different address. Don’t worry. You can solve this problem by finding IP gateway here.
  • Incorrect appointment of client’s address. Clients use network name to connection to gateway on wireless networks. All client’s IP address configurations are made without your interference. Other networks use automatically assignment too. Chance of dealing with glitches isn’t big, but if they happen, they will cause some client’s gateway corruption.