isn’t correct IP address. It’s necessary to know that if you use it. Correct IP address is is usually used by you for device or alternate entree access device on the network. Other hosts in area would use number with higher value.

The most of modern routers use IP address. Every router has special software which was installed by manufacturer, so when you enter in web-interface, you can change some settings. Here is a lot of different configurations that you can set up, but the most of them are related with security. You can do these changes and it’s not important where you locate. You can configure your router sitting in cafe, going outside, etc.

Way of entering in IP address

If you want access to router’s administration panel with this IP address, you should follow these steps. Type IP address in address bar of your browser. Here will be window where you need write your login and password.

What should I do in case, when I forget my identification info?

Memory of our mind isn’t perfect, so there can be some situations, when we forget necessary information including password. In this case, it’s necessary to reset your router to default factory settings. Default passwords for wireless and ADSL routers can be found in this section about router passkeys. If you can’t find them, resetting of router is required process. Every modern router has special reset button which locates on bottom or back side of router. You should press it and hold for about 15 seconds. After that, your router would be returned to factory defaults.

When resetting process is going, here can be disconnection, so it’s necessary to be sure that resetting is required. Recommend you to find device’s guide book.