is default IP address which is usually used in some routers. It provides you to enter in router’s web-interface. In web-interface you can configure all your router’s settings. is IPv4 address, so you can’t do some changes in your router’s configurations outside home network. You can use only public router’s IP address.

Way of accessing in

  1. Firstly, you need visit That can be done manually by entering URL in address bar or you can click on URL in this article.
  2. After that, here should appears login panel where you need to enter your identification information. This information you can find in article. If you forget password, you can easily recover it.
  3. Using will help you to access in administration panel where you can change settings. You can configure router, so that PC on private network connect to the Internet.

Way of finding the password

Default password for IP address can be easily found in special article with router passwords list. If you try to enter default password, but it doesn’t work, you just need to reset your router configurations. Every wireless router has special RESET button. It usually locates on backside of device. You need press on it for about 15 seconds. After that, router will be returned to default factory settings. Try to enter again. IP is set for huge list of routers. Not everyone knows, but you can set every router to use IP address. That provides users to prevent address conflict because device would use only on the network.

Default Router Username and Password List

Here is a list with identification information for every router: