You can access to your router by using IP address. To do it, you don’t need some wires. is default IP address which provides you to do it using only web-browser.

How to login in

It’s necessary to visit http://192.168.l.254 page. It can be done manually by typing address in web-browser’s address bar. Moreover, you can just click on URL in this article. After that, here should be window where you need to type your identification information.

Default Router Username and Password List

Identification information can be taken from list below:

What should I do, if password is wrong?

You can’t access to router’s web-interface, if you type wrong username and password. To recover default password, you need reset your router. It’s not difficult process. To reset router, you should find RESET button on backside of device and press it for about 10-15 seconds. After resetting, you need try to enter in web-interface again.

What should I do, if I forget my password?

You can find list with passwords in the Internet. If you know how to use Google, you don’t have some difficulties.

What should I do, if IP address doesn’t work?

If you enter, but it doesn’t work, maybe manufacturers set different IP address for this router. If you connect to router by using wireless network, you can try to switch on wired connection to be sure that there aren’t some connectivity problems.

This process isn’t difficult, so you should have no problems with it when you are using IP address for accessing your modem.