is one of the most famous IP addresses which is used to entering in router’s web-interface. This IP address is usually used by some routers. When you by router from manufacturer, which use this address, be sure that default IP address is, but don’t worry about that – you can easily set more convenient IP address.

How to login in IP address.

If you are owner of router, which use address, you need to follow these actions to enter in your web-interface. Firstly, type in address bar of your web-browser. It’s necessary to type – not http://www.192.168.2. To be sure that URL is correct, better to click on it in this article.

After connection, here will be window with login and password bards. You must know this information to end accessing process. If there will be some problems with network connection, you will get message “This web page is not available”.

Some ISP could help you with networking equipment which provides admin to enter login, so you don’t need to know IP address.

List with default router passwords and logins

You can find router’s identification information below:

What problems can I deal using IP? is private, so you can’t use this link, when you aren’t in your network zone. For this, you should use public address. If you have more than two routers in your house and you wish to use they at the same time, you should set different IP addresses for them. To confirm that local router use this address, check the default gateway which is used by your device. You can check guide on our website which teach you method of checking your router’s IP.

Way of changing IP address

You can set a lot of setting for your router (IP, passkey, security configurations, etc.) using administration panel. Router’s administration panel provides you to change some router’s configurations including IP address.

Way of entering in

If you want to enter in web-interface, you need to write in address bar. Here is one more method: you can click on this URL here. If your password and username aren’t correct, it’s necessary to reset your device to default factory settings. It’s easy to do it. Just press reset button, which usually locates on back or bottom side of your router, and hold it for about 20 seconds. After these actions, you can use default identification information. If you need more information, recommend you to visit this article.