is one of default IP addresses, but unlike or manufacturers use this internal address not very often. It will be fair to say that almost do not use it. Only this thing differs them, because they have the same functionality — used to enter in router’s web interface. is usually used by different manufacturers. The most famous of them is Huawei. They also use other IPs as a default internal address in their home wireless routers.


Firstly you should understand, that Internet connection isn’t require to login in your home wireless router. Configuration router’s page usually can be called as web interface or administration panel. Router consist it inside, so this page can’t be found in World Wide Web.

You can face with some problems when try to login in your router. If there isn’t appeared login window after you typed IP address, maybe you type incorrect internal address. First what you should do Is check that is default IP address of your router.

If you are owner of device with this IP list and is correct address, you will see login window after typing it in address bar of your browser. Then you just need to use default username and passkey. Login Information

If you entered in web-interface of other routers in the past, you won’t have problems with login in devices with mentioned IP address. The main difference is always identification information, but its bot a huge problem.

Sometimes, when you try to login in router, you will see request to set your own username and passkey, but mostly you should type identification information in specified fields on login window.

Here is a list with identification information for different router brands:

3JTech 3Gadminadmin
Huawei E5330adminadmin
NEXX WT3020adminadmin
GIGAFAST EE400-Rblankadmin
Adaptec AWN-8084adminnot set by default
Medialink MWN-WAPR300Nadminadmin

If you have problems with login in router using these passwords and usernames, recommend you to try other combinations, which can be found in Google, or return your device to factory defaults. After resetting, all changes you’ve made will be cleared.

There is one huge disadvantage if resetting method. You should configure your router again for more comfortable usage. There are a lot of settings, which can be set up in router’s administration panel. You can read more about web interface in this article.