Here you can find the most popular words with which you can deal reading articles on our website. Knowing of it would help you to understand all information more clearly.

Special storage service help convert domain names into IP. When someone uses domain name, DNS system translates it in appropriate address. This service is chain of servers which send signals to one another until they get on right IP.

MAC address
This is 48-bit digit which is used by IEEE because of including hex number for second layer in its network adapter.

This technology is used to identify devices and group them into chain. The latest protocol version is IPv4. Development of IPv6 is in process.

That’s special device which send data packets through networks. Router checks IP of destination and sends data packet in different subnet or PC. Devices in LAN are set upped to find out IP address of the router. (The most popular router’s ip

Ethernet provides your device to connect layer protocol in bundle of laying network devices. Moreover, this technology can format data to send it in other devices on LAN and release data on the communication.

This technology is used for some types of LAN networks which work in IEEE with 802.11 version. All, what is got, Wi-Fi checks for compatibility, reliability and applicability of specified protocols.

LAN helps users to share connection line or wireless connection to specified server. This server includes PCs and peripherals which are connected to certain geographical area.

WAN marks a telecommunication structure which is wider than LAN. This network can be used for different purposes.

MAN is used to connect in networks which are larger than local networks, but isn’t large as WAN. It can be done by using computer resources.

Bandwidth Reservation
This thing provides to assign priority for different traffic depending on criticality and delaying of sensitivity. The best bandwidth is what this process is focused on. Low traffic can be dropped when network is packed.