3Com Router Setup

If you become one of 3Com router’s owners, you can read this article to understand way of setuping router:

  1. You must be sure that your router is connected to PC or telephone line.
  2. Then you need open your web-browser and type IP address of 3Com router: Press enter. You should get on Login Gateway page. If this doesn’t work, you can check right IP address on this page.
  3. In Login Gateway you need write your username and password. There are some situations when you don’t know them, so it’s necessary to check router default password list.
  4. Click on “Wireless Settings”
  5. Recommend you ro change your network’s name.
  6. Visit “Encryption”
  7. Here you need choose “WPA-PSK” in WPA.
  8. In WPA mode set “WPA2”. It should be set as default.
  9. In encryption technique set “AES”
  10. “Pre-shared Key” is bar where you can set special passkey, but it should be more than 8 symbols.

Save all changes by clicking on Apply.