ASUS RT-N66U ‘Dark Knight’ Router Set Up Guide

ASUS RT-N66U is router that use high range of standards: 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n. It has a huge list of advantages over other routers. It’s so easy to set up ASUS RT-N66U router. After that, you can enjoy your Internet connection.

Way of setting up ASUS RT-N66U

  1. Settle all antennas to your device. It’s easy to do it. Three antennas provides router to share wireless network on big range.
  2. AC adapter should be plugged into router and power source.
  3. Then you need to plug router in your modem (type isn’t important). You need plug the internet cable into internet out port of your modem. Other end should be connected to Ethernet port which is colored in blue. It should locates on backside of your router.
  4. If you are user of Windows, you need click on Wi-fi icon in the lower right corner, but MacOS users can find icon on top right corner.
  5. Then you need connect to ASUS or ASUS_5G. They both works.
  6. To configure router, you need get in router’s web-interface. is address that should be typed in browser’s address bar.
  7. Firstly, there should be Quick Internet Setup. After that, you need set administrator’s username and password. This identification information is required if you want to do some changes in router’s settings. Everyone, who has your router’s username and password, can access to your router’s settings and change them. It’s necessary to invent username and password that will be unique. Router can detect internet connection in few minutes.
  8. Then you need set up your router’s name (SSID). It would helps you to identify your internet network in huge list of networks.
  9. When you’ve done these actions, you need reboot your router.
  10. After rebooting, it’s necessary to log in with new passkey and username. Click on “Administration”.
  11. You need upgrade your router’s firmware.
  12. Clicking on check button would help you to check the latest version of firmware. It connects to ASUS website for checking an upgrade.
  13. When you find the latest version of firmware, here should appears special window which asks you would you like to upgrade your firmware. Just click OK.
  14. After that action, firmware software would be downloaded and installed.
  15. “The router will reboot after completing the installation” prevent you from unwanted turning off. Rebooting take some time. You can do it manually by pressing on power button to off and one router.
  16. You need to choose router from options after restarting. Enter in web-interface by typing in browser’s address bar. Enter your identification information which were made in step 7.
  17. Ensure that you have the newest firmware by clicking on check in “Firmware”.

Well done! After you have done all actions, your ASUS RT-N66U router is set up. All functions now works correctly. Enjoy the Internet!