Find Router IP Address

Everyone, who want to configure their router, need to enter in router’s web-interface. To do it, it’s necessary to know router’s IP address. Router’s IP address provides owners to enter in web-interface by using browser. The most of the routers use IP which starting from 192.168. As example, here is some IP addresses:,

Windows method

Firstly, you need open command prompt by finding it in searching box in “Start”. Here you should type ipconfig if you want to find standard gateway. If you use Windows 7 or XP, you will get reminder that “Local Area Connection” changed on “Wireless Network Connection”.

If you use PC with Windows 8 OS, wireless connection would be specified as “Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi” and connection with using wires is called “Ethernet adapter Ethernet”.

MacOS method

Firstly, you should get in terminal window (do it by using “Finder”), where it’s necessary to write:
netstat -nr | grep default

As alternative, you can use regular interface for checking router’s IP address.

  1. Press on Apple menu which locates at top
  2. You need to find “System Preferences”
  3. Here should be “Network” icon
  4. Choose network connection which appropriate for you
  5. Select “Advanced” button.
  6. When you click on “TCP/IP” tab, you will get your router’s IP address.

LINUX method

First step is opening terminal window. It locates in “System tools”. Here you need type:
ip route | grep default or ifconfig

Click on network icon, which locates in area with notifications, and click “Connection Information” if you want to view on interface. IP of your router will be showed near gateway.

iOS method

There are not big differences between getting IP address on iOS 9 and iOS 8. You just need to press on wireless network which is used by you. In DHCP section you can find your router’s IP address.

Android method

The most convenient way of getting IP address on android is downloading third-party application. Wi-Fi Analyzer is one of the most popular applications. Here you should click on “View” and choose “AP list”. “Connected to: *Network’s name*” can be found at the top. After tapping on it, you will get info about your connection.

Chrome OS method

On Chrome OS you need press area with notifications on the task bar. Here should be “Connected to *Network’s name*”. Then you need click on your Wi-Fi network. When info will appear, you need click on “Network”. After these actions, you’ll get your router’s IP.

Customer Service

If you have some problems with your network connection which you can’t fix manually, recommend you to call to your ISP.