How to Reset a Router?

What means resetting? Resetting is process which provides owners to return router to default factory settings. There are situations when you need to enter in web-interface: network connection problems, new bought router from hands, but you forget username and password from login gateway. Don’t worry about that. There are some simply steps that can help you find username and password.

What changes should be done when you reset browser?

Resetting router mean that all main settings (username and password, Wi-Fi username and password, and ISP username and password) will be changes. Here can be necessity in changing forward ports and firewall settings. To be honest, you will return all settings, which were changed after resetting, manually.

Resetting of router settings is serious decision, so be serious when you do it.

Process of resetting browser

Firstly, you need to find special RESET button on body of your router. It usually locates at back or bottom side of device. Then press and hold it for 10 seconds. To do it, you must have something sharp. When router’s lights start to blinking, it must be signal that you do all right. They must stop do it in the future. After this action, your router will be returned to factory defaults.

What you should do if you forget your router’s IP address?

This situation is so popular, because people’s memory isn’t perfect, so manufacturers develop way of returning password. Router Detector is the fastest way to get it. Then you need type your Internal IP address in web-browser address bar. Login window should appears after that. Here you need type your default identification information. If you forget default identification information, you can use Internet to find them.

Way of resetting wireless router

To reset your router correctly, you should follow steps below. Firstly, you need find RESET button which in usually locates at bottom or backside of router’s body. Press and hold it for 10 seconds by using something sharp.

Way of resetting DSL router

If you are owner of DSL router, you need ask your provider to give you WAN password. Your router’s type is written on backside of device. Detail information about resetting router you can find in your router’s documentation book. You can use it when you don’t have internet to check guides.