Recover Router Password

People haven’t got perfect memory, so they can easily forget username and password from your router. Steps below would help you to recover identification information of your router.

  • Option 1: Default router identification information
    Default username and password can be found in router’s documentation which included in box with device. Moreover, you can find special label sticker on bottom or back side of your device. Here you can see all information which you need. If you can’t use this method, you can check other options below or visit usernames and passwords list page, where you can find default identification information.
  • Option 2: Database with router’s password and username
    All routers have default identification data. If you lost documentation and label sticker, you can user our username and password list. Here you need to find your router. Identification information will be specified. Remember or write down this information. Now, you can visit your router’s web-interface by using IP address. If you don’t know your IP address, you can check special article on our website.
    Find your router’s manufacturer in list below and you will get your router’s identification information:Here is list of the most popular manufacturers and their passwords:
  • Option 3: Router resetting
    If options above can’t help you, you can use resetting method. Doing reset mean that all router’s configurations would be wiped. To reset your router, you just need to find special RESET button on your router’s body. Press it and hold for 10 seconds. When you done it, your router settings would be returned to factory defaults. In the most cases reset button locates in special hole, so you need to find sharp item like pencil or paperclip.
    When you done these actions, you can enter in your router’s web-interface by using default identification information. Location of reset button in special hole provides you to don’t press it accidentally.
  • Option 4: Port forwarding without using password
    Don’t worry if you forget your identification information. You can forward ports without them. To do it, you need use Universal Plug and Play which also known as UPnP. UPnP provides to enable routers open ports automatically. You can find option in connection settings, but only in situation when your router’s software supports automatic port forwarding. NAT-PMP determines address translation configurations and port forwarding setting in automatic mode. UPnP PortMapper provides users to allow them forward ports which are more desired.