Steps to Set Up Cisco Router

Process of setting up Cisco routers and special software from Cisco isn’t difficult. This article would teach you how to configure the most popular models of Cisco routers. If this instruction doesn’t work with your router, that mean you have old model.

What things should I do for installing Cisco routers?

  1. You need Cisco router with two Ethernet interfaces and some power resources which you can use for power supplying of router.
  2. Moreover, you need personal computer or laptop with Ethernet card and DB-9 input port.
  3. Cisco cable with DB-9 connector which you will use to connect router.
  4. Official Cisco antennas for the most popular models of Cisco routers.

All Cisco routers with antennas are good choice for people, who are searching for home and chancellery usage routers. Guide, which you can find below, would teach you way of setting up router step-by-step. Moreover, you can follow official guide which you can find in bundled with router documentation.

Way of installing Cisco router

Before installing router, you need implement steps below:

  1. Firstly, you need get special management software which can be got from official Cisco software website. You can set up router without it, but using software is easier. Install this on your personal computer. You can find the newest version of this program on Cisco software official website.
  2. When you installed official management software, you should open it. In this program you easily can set up your device.
  3. Discover option provide you to choose router which will be set up. Cisco official management software will find and setup your router automatically, so you don’t need to do some difficult actions.