Way of finding out wireless network password

Nowadays, you can face with password everywhere, starting from the entrance to social networks and ending with a Bank account. All these passwords you should keep in your head and sometimes you can forget it. Apple made special device to keep all your passwords, which is called iCloud keychain, but you can find your passkey only with help of Terminal.

Way of finding out password of network if you are Mac OS user

Run terminal. You can find it in Utilities section or using Spotlight search, where you should type “terminal”.

First Step

It’s necessary to know administrator’s login and password from your PC and how you called your wireless network.

Here is command, which you should copy and insert in terminal or type it manually:

security find-generic-password -ga YourWirelessNetworkName | grep password

Second Step

Then you should press Return/Enter button on your keyboard and type your PC’s identification information.

This information is necessary requirement to get your wireless password using iCloud keychain. After typing login and password, click “Allow”. Here will be your wireless network password.

You can get password only if you have already connected to this wireless network. Otherwise, you can’t get access to WiFi. Thus, if you forget how you called network to which you previously connected with password saving, you just need to do actions below.

Finding wireless network password on Windows

To do it, you should use cmd. Run it with administrator privileges. Here will be command line in which you should type command below:

netsh wlan show profile name=Your wireless network name key=clear

Don’t forget to change “Your wireless network name” on real network name. Press enter button and there will be password in “Security” section.

If there isn’t password, you can use methods below to fix this problem:

  1. Click by left mouse button on Wi-Fi connection icon.
  2. Click on necessary wireless network by right mouse button, and then left click on “Properties” in appeared menu.
  3. Get in “Security” section and put tick on field, which provides you to see all hidden characters. Now, you could see what we are searching for.