What is WPS and why its recommend disabling

This function is Wi-FI Protected Setup. It was made to make network setup process easier and to make it automatic.

WPS is a standard and Wi-Fi network semi-automatic creation protocol based on router with built-in WPS function. First name of this protocol was Wi-Fi Simple Config.

This function in very useful for wireless router owners, who don’t have special Wi-Fi skills and have problems with basic router’s configuration steps, like changing SSID or enabling encryption.

How it works

When you enable this function in router’s configuration page:

  • WPS sets wireless network SSID automatically.
  • Applies wireless security settings to ensure security and restrict unauthorized access to the created network.
  • Connects your device to Wi-Fi automatically or after typing PIN.

Important feature of connection using WPS is that you don’t need to set all parameters in configuration panel manually.

There are 2 WPS types: WPS with 8-digit PIN, when you need type the same code on client device as on access point. Second type is when you just need to press button on access point and on client device at intervals of less than two minutes.

WPS vulnerability you need to know about

If this function is enabled on your wireless router’s configuration panel, better to disable it. This can be done faster using PIN entering method.

Existing WPS protocol vulnerability makes your device easy for hacker attacks. You access point PIN code can be found in a matter of hours using brute force method.

How to check that WPS isn’t built-in in router?

This function can’t work without special 8-digit PIN, which can be found on device. Check all side of your router’s body. There must be special sticker with different information. If you don’t see here something about PIN, you can be calm, because router doesn’t have WPS function.