Privacy if our users isn’t empty word.

Our policy envisages to respectful of all user’s privacy information that can be taken while using our service. So we have made this page to make you understand principles of our privacy policy including collecting, usage, communicating, disclosing and other types of activity with user’s information. Main principles can be found below:

  • All user’s information can be collected by lawful and fair methods. If it’s necessary, owner of information would be notified and have chance to decline policy.
  • All collected information has some purposes, so we identify this purpose when information is collecting or before this process.
  • We won’t collect and use this information in special purposes without user’s acceptance with our policy. There are some exceptions when we need to do it at the request of the law.
  • These purposes are required in personal information that is exact, complete and latest. Moreover, all these qualities can be characterized as relevant information.
  • If you worry about your privacy protection, be calm, because we use special safeguards that prevents information to be stolen or lost. No one from outside can’t access in it and do some changes.
  • If you want, you can easily get our policy and practices relating to the management of privacy information.
  • All information will be stored on ours servers for a period when information is necessary for realization all purposes.

We guarantee that our service works following this policy which was made specially to provide high quality protection of user’s privacy information confidentiality.

Sometimes this policy can be changed depending of our sole discretion, but be sure that we notify you.