There are no perfect people in our world, so everyone can have problems with memory. Identification information of your router (password and username) isn’t the most important information, so you can deal with forgetting it. This part of our website was made specially for this situation.

Why do you need identification information?

In 21st century IT technologies took an important place in people’s life. Wireless network isn’t an unusual thing. You can get access to the Internet whatever of place where you are – sitting on sofa, having a meal. Configuration is one of the most important process if you are owner of wireless router. To do it, you firstly need to enter in your device’s web-interface. It’s page where you can set main settings. When you try to get there, here will be appeared window where you should enter your username and password.

Can I change them?

Yes, you can change password. Here is an article about that. You should know that changing your password would make this default password list useless.
If you didn’t change your identification information, here is a list with identification information from the most popular router manufacturers. Just choose your device in list and here will be all what you need.